Outfitting a Vacation Rental in Galena, IL

There’s a world of difference between outfitting your first home and outfitting your first vacation rental. Especially if that vacation rental is in a resort area like Eagle Ridge in The Galena Territory.

Join us on our trek from “hollow” to “huzzah!”

Anyone who has ever purchased their first home probably didn’t do so right out of the “nest.” Before buying their first home, most people probably did as my wife and I did. We lived in a few apartments before we met each other. Then, after we got hitched, we lived in two more before we bought our first home.

In those pre “home owner” years we were buying items for our apartments. Towels, dishes, beds, couches, TVs, stereos,… you get the idea. But we were purchasing items one-item-at-a-time. Then, after we bought our first home (all 1400 square feet of it) we took that stuff and put it in. And it was still hollow!

We filled it up over the next decade-and-a-half with furniture and stuff and three kids and all of their stuff. That vacuous space got real small, real fast. But we were buying things one-at-a-time.

Items for house in Galena.

Linens for rental.

Fast-forward another decade and now we’re living in a bigger home and as of May, 2014 we are happy vacation rental homeowners as well. Happy? Sure. A bit overwhelmed? Uh, yah! Can we handle it? Absolutely. But imagine trying to outfit, to luxury standards, a four bedroom, four-and-a-half bath vacation rental from scratch. Yowza, that’s a big hill to climb.

For the moment the place is kinda hollow! But it’s available if you want to rent it.

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Vacation Rental in Galena, IL
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