Halloween in Galena, IL 2015 It’s Not That Scary

Believe it or not Halloween will be celebrated in Galena in six months!  I know, I know…. The snow has barely melted here and I’m already talking about Halloween, well, it’s a big deal in these parts and rooms and vacation rental houses sell out quickly.
Halloween in Galena, IL

Halloween in Galena, IL. Image provided by VisitGalena.org

A Quick History of Halloween

Many people believe that Halloween was a creation of Pope Gregory III sometime in the eight or ninth century.  In actuality what he created was a designated date of November 1st to honor All Saints.  October 31 didn’t have a dedicated name; it was simply the evening before All Saints Day. However, for centuries before, the Irish were celebrating what they call: “Samhain.”
Samhain is an annual celebratory event from sunset on October 31 through sunset on November 1.  It’s a celebration of the end of harvest as well as the slaughter of livestock for the winter.  Bonfires were lit in celebration and as lore goes, they brought back the souls of the dead for a visit.  Dinner tables were set with an extra plate(s) for the visiting soul(s).
Knocks at the door were made by “Mummers” and “Guisers.”  Acting troops and children dressed up, going door to door acting and asking for food, coins or sweets.
Over time the “Samhain” celebration and the “All Saints” celebration merged and we now have: “Halloween.”

Halloween in Galena… Join Us!

Come join us for one of the mid-west’s greatest celebrations of Halloween in Galena, IL.  And, again, make your reservations early!  Seriously.
But before you do…
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Halloween in Galena, IL
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