Galena Territory and Eagle Ridge Annual Meeting

Over the weekend my wife and I attended the Eagle Ridge and Galena Territory Annual Meetings. We made some new friends, had some drinks and laughs with old friends and made our decision on who will manage our vacation rental in Galena.

Some facts were shared at the meetings. I’m not going to provide the full-on breadth and depth of the information as I don’t think that’s what a good neighbor should do. But I will take the time to share some interesting tid-bits.

– The internet is becoming a bigger and bigger portion of how people are finding Eagle Ridge.
– Online reviews show that the steps taken by management to improve The Galena Territory for it’s visitors are working.
– Foot Golf (You read that right… Foot Golf) is happening at The Galena Territory East Golf Course (

Illinois Footgolf Association

Illinois Footgolf Association

In a future post I’ll share more but for now, that’s it!

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