Galena, IL Noted As A Small Town Gem by USA Today

Galena, IL Earns High Rank by USA Today Travel

Galena, IL, chartered in 1841, has been named as one of USA Today’s Travel Experience Weekends’ “Small Town Gems.”  This should come as no surprise to those who’ve vacationed here but if you haven’t you’ll be surprised when you visit Main Street.

Downtown Galena, IL

Downtown Galena, IL May 2015

Downtown Galena, IL May 2015

During our second trip here many years ago we made it a weekend goal of going in to each store on Main Street.  It took two days but we did it.  Here’s what you won’t find in downtown Galena: chain stores or restaurants, big box mega-shops, or an $8.00 cup of burnt bean coffee.

What you will find as you stroll along is a transparent appreciation of the past as well as an overt appreciation of your presence.  The town now lives mainly on visitors and when you wander in all of shops and stores you’ll be welcomed by small business owners who make you feel at home almost immediately.
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