About Us

This site’s purpose is to share information with you not only about our house but also about the Galena area and all that there is to do when you visit.


We started visiting here in 2007 shortly after moving to the Chicagoland area. We found this place to be fantastic when it came to entertaining not only ourselves as adults but our children as well. One kid is in college, the other is graduating high school soon and the third just got a driver’s license and they all still love coming here. They always talk about their fond memories of The Territory when they were kids.

Even though we’ve traveled the world as a family we always enjoy coming back to Galena. Our visits continued for many years and with each visit we picked up some sort of information about houses for sale. So when we decided to buy a vacation house we did look in Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa, but I think we knew in our heart of hearts that Galena was going to be the spot.

As our search became serious, near the end of 2013, we focused more on a property that we could set up as a vacation rental in Eagle Ridge and looked at many, many houses (much to our Realtor’s chagrin I’m sure.) We settled on 6 Vermillion Lane because it came with a vacant lot next door, overlooks one golf hole out the back and another hole out the front; and is situated, pretty much, in the center of the resort area. Oh, and it’s huge! Call it 6,000 square feet! We fell in love with the house and hope you do too!


It’s taken quite a bit of effort to outfit both the house and this website. We’re taking on both tasks on our own and, hopefully, you’ll think we’ve done a pretty good job.

Let us know what you think!

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