4th of July in Galena

Here is a way to spend your 4th of July in Galena.

Breakfast at the Dining Table

One of the benefits of staying in a vacation rental in Galena is the dining options it provides to you.  You can either eat-in or choose from one of the dozens of great restaurants within a 10 minute drive.  On this Independence Day we opted for a self-catered breakfast.
After everyone awoke (without the aid of an alarm clock) we gathered the family around the dining table for eggs, bacon, toast, milk, juice and coffee.  Quickly the conversation turned to “what do you want to do today”?

Mississippi River Cruises

None of us in the family had ever been on a boat on the Mississippi River.  After a bit of breakfast table online research we found exactly what we were looking for: The Galena Mississippi River Explorer Cruises at Chestnut Mountain.  So off to the ski area we went.

Chestnut Mountain Alpine Slide

Summertime at Chestnut Mountain is a blast.  There are ton of things to do at the ski area even when there isn’t any snow.  Sad to say that we didn’t call ahead and all of the river cruises were sold out.  What to do now?  How about a race down the mountain on the Alpine Slide.
People Alpine Slide at Chestnut Mountain

People on Alpine Slide at Chestnut Mountain

Alpine Slide Racers at Chestnut Mountain

Alpine Slide Racers at Chestnut Mountain

Chestnut Mountain Alpine Slide Mississippi River

Panoramic View of Mississippi River from Alpine Slide at Chestnut Mountain

Alpine Slide Panoramic View From Bottom at Chestnut Mountain

Alpine Slide Panoramic View From Bottom at Chestnut Mountain

You go from the top of the mountain to the bottom on a sled winding and corkscrewing all the way down.  I bought a five ride ticket and the races were on.  The boys and I had two heat races then the Feature race was set to go.  My boys fought it out like true racers and the winner was the youngest.  The slide was great.  Everyone in your family will enjoy the ride.  Go!
While the Feature race was running my wife, daughter and I sat in the Sunset Grille and had some refreshments!  Try the Bloody Mary!
After that we were off to town do do a little shopping.

Shopping in Galena

Since we’re in the last stages of setting up the Galena vacation rental for you we are now down to the nuance items that again separate our home from all others at Eagle Ridge.  We’ve worked exclusively with Alana at Floral Chic in Galena for all of our floral arrangements in the home.  And we think, she’s done a fantastic job.  They are wonderful to work with and their prices are much more appealing than most anything we’ve found in Chicagoland.  Check them out!

Dining in Galena

We decided not to cook at the house and collectively we chose, once again, a wonderful Mexican restaurant in Galena called Campeche  I mean what better way is there to celebrate Independence Day in America by eating Mexican right?  It’s on the east side of Galena at the corner of Water St. and Commerce St.  The entire menu is great.  Try the fish tacos!

Galena Rodeo

Back out to The Galena Territory to rest up before we head over the the Shenandoah Riding Center  for the Shenandoah Pro Rodeo.  According to their flier: “The Galena Territory goes out west for two nights featuring bareback riding, steer wrestling, team roping, saddle bronc riding, calf roping, bull riding, and women’s barrel racing … all of the fan favorites.”
4th of July Galena Rodeo

4th of July Galena Rodeo Horse With Flag

4th of July Galena Rodeo

Galena Rodeo Crowd

4th of July Galena Rodeo

4th of July Galena Rodeo Mom and Son

4th of July Galena Rodeo

4th of July Galena Rodeo Kids

What a blast!  Pretty much what you’d expect from a pro rodeo.  Outstanding riders and ropers.  A big crowd and fast paced.  The evening was cool and the fireworks after the rodeo were hot!
So there you go!  A family day in a great family oriented area.  As the saying goes: “Come for the weekend. Stay for the lifestyle.”
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